VN Editor Video Stabilization

VN Editor Video Stabilization Made Easy: A Beginner’s Guide to Stunning Visuals

Shaky and unstable videos detract viewing experience as well as diminish the quality. We are overwhelmed to inform all video editors that from now on, there is no need to be worried about shaky footage. VN Video Editor offers an amazing solution to stabilize shaky footage, enabling you to generate smooth, professional-looking videos. How?

In actuality, there is no rocket science in stabilizing a video. It is pretty easy in VN Editor, and you can stabilize any shaking footage within seconds from the speed option. 

In this article, we will guide you through the process of stabilizing your videos using VN Editor. We assure you by the end of this article; you’ll have the knowledge and skills to transform your shaky footage into captivating video content. Let’s dive in!

VN Editor Video Stabilization (why we need it?)

Stabilizing a video is like having a skilled director who helps smooth out the shaky parts so that each scene looks steady and clear. It makes videos easier for viewers to understand and enjoy what’s happening. Saying this would not be wrong that Video stabilization is crucial, preventing blurry pictures, making it less shaky, and giving a magic touch bringing steadiness to the footage.

Additionally, video stabilization makes the content more appealing, eliminating jitters and blurriness. Ultimately, a professional-looking video has a lasting impact on the audience and keeps them engaged in the content.

How to Stabilize Video in VN Editor

Stabilizing shaky videos using VN Editor is a straightforward process. Follow the steps below to achieve smooth and professional-looking results:

  • Import your footage to the VN timeline you want to stabilize by clicking the “Import” button.
  • Select the aspect of the video to which you want to stabilize.
  • Now tap on the speed option from the bottom menu. 
  • Adjust the video’s speed by dragging down the curve until it stabilizes.
  • Play the stabilized video in the preview window to assess the results. Review the stabilized video carefully and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the stabilized footage, it’s time to export the video. Choose the desired output settings, including resolution, format, and quality, and initiate the exporting process.
  • After the stabilization process is complete, save your project.

Final Words

All in all, harnessing the power of video stabilization in VN Editor makes content appealing and allows for conveying stories with clarity and professionalism. You can transform shaky, unstable videos into captivating visuals by applying a few simple techniques.

So, showcase your art of stabilization and the true potential of editing. Also, we are confident that after reviewing this ultimate guide, you will be able to create remarkable cinematic visual content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VN Video Editor free to use?

Yes, VN Video Editor is completely free and user-friendly. It offers various features like accurate music beat detection, motion effects, transitions, picture-in-picture (PIP), and high-resolution video rendering.

Does VN Video Editor add watermarks to edited videos? 

No, VN Video Editor does not add watermarks to edited videos. When you edit and share a video on social media, it won’t be easily recognizable as having been edited with VN Video Editor, as it allows downloading videos without watermarks.

Can I download VN Editor on iPad?

Yes, you can download VN Editor on your iPad or iPhone. It is compatible with iOS devices and can be easily installed from the App Store.

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