How To Add Text In VN Video Editor (Complete Tutorial For Everyone)

Video editing is not a piece of cake, especially about adding text. Adding text might be easier as you only need to click on the “T” icon, but text adjustment, such as color, position, font changing, etc., requires complete knowledge. Undoubtedly, this editor is known as an all-rounder editor for best video editing, but still, you need to learn its functionalities. For example, how to add text in VN Video Editor is a habitual question a beginner asks.

To have great video editing with your message in a text, we thought to create a step-by-step tutorial on it. Here you will learn how easily you can add text in the VN Video editor, customize it, and other necessary details!

Free VN Video Editor For Adding Text In A Video

The text brings several benefits for the users watching your video. It delivers the right message to the audience. Similarly, it helps understand the message, especially when you belong to other languages. It has been proved that text on a video or an image helps get more engagement than a video without text. People get the message and understand it clearly.

Furthermore, Facebook reels, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts bring more engagement and views on videos having text. VN video editor is a universal tool with several features for adding text to videos.

How To Add Text In VN Video Editor

Besides, it offers several text customization features such as types of fonts, text size, hundreds of text templates, text animations, and much more. In short, you get everything related to text editing in VN Video editing like a professional video editing tool.

How To Add Text In VN Video Editor – Step-by-step Guide

We add the text in the VN Editor on the tracks. The text icon is available on the B-roll film track on the editing timeline. Several pre-sets are available such as Name, Description, Title, etc. Further adjustments are made as follows:

  • T-Icon: You can edit text presets here.
  • Aa Icon: You can customize font and font size here.
  • Color Icon: You can select text color, change text background, drop shadow, and more.

Now if you are ready to add text to your edited video, let’s move on to the instructions below:

Step 1: Go to the video editing timeline.

Step 2: Click on the Text Icon (T) available above the timeline.

Step 3: A textbox will appear on the screen; select the layout of your choice.

Step 4: Write your desired text here.

Step 5: Change size, adjust color, background, and do all the required customizations.

Step 6: Click on the Tick Mark to apply and save changes.

Step 7: Drag the text on the screen to set it at a location. You can zoom in or zoom out using two fingers.

Step 8: Congrats! The text has been added successfully. Export or share the video.


Click on the Transitions and Text animation tabs to add text transitions or animation effects, and it’s called further text customization for professional videos.


How do I add text to the VN video?

You can add text to a video using a video timeline and B-roll options. Click on the place on the timeline where you want to add text and click on the “T” icon on the b-roll. Add text, customize from the pop-up options, and enjoy.

Can I add text in the VN video editor?

Yes, this excellent video editor allows text addition and customization (Font size, change text type, text color, background, etc.). Go to the b-roll on the timeline, click the “T” button, and add text easily.

How to give captions or add subtitles in the VN editor?

Go to the video timeline, click the “T” button, and add text. There you will find several text templates for captions. Click, adjust, and apply on the videos.


VN video editor is a customizable platform and compatible with several devices. Text addition and editing options are fruitful for all the editors. Several customization options, text transitions, and text animations allow you to craft the desired video easily. We thought this tutorial about adding and customization of text in the VN Video editor might be helpful for you.

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