VN vs KineMaster

VN vs KineMaster: Which Video Editing App is Right For You?

Google Play Store is full of video editors, and developers are regularly developing unique editors. This situation makes it confusing to choose a good video editor like VN vs KineMaster. Having the best video editor takes your video editing to the next level, but what to choose between VN video editor and KineMaster?
VN Video Editor prioritizes simplicity and ease of use for users, making it a perfect video editing app for beginners. KineMaster specializes in providing trendy and quality features to users, taking their editing skills to the next level.

VN vs KineMaster

This guide compares VN and KineMaster in detail and discusses everything about them to clarify your ambiguities. Let’s read on!

VN vs KineMaster:

As a professional video editor, I used to edit videos using several apps including VN and KineMaster. Both apps edit videos that are of good quality but provide unique features. 

VN video editor is suitable for beginners and is known for its simplicity. Besides, it offers some of the latest features like KeyFrame animations to create professional videos. 

On the other hand, KineMaster is a master app for editing videos and comes with more advanced features. The prominent features are multiple track editing, audio ducking, keyframe animations, recording, in-app camera, and more. 

So, if you are a professional, KineMaster might be your primary choice; otherwise, VN is a good option. Remember that complexities are everywhere and you will find a few things complex and straightforward in your editing journey, whatever the editor you use. Also, Check VN vs Capcut.

Comparison between VN and KineMaster

It’s necessary to have a detailed comparison if you want to choose the best video editor for yourself. To help you, we have listed the main entities with detailed explanations for each video editor. Let’s explore them to know the similarities and dissimilarities between VN video editor and KineMaster. 


First, compatibility is an important concern. VN video editor supports several platforms including Windows, MacBook, Linux OS, Web version, On-Premises, iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, and Chromebook. It depicts that it’s a versatile and reliable editor, and users can use it without worrying about their devices. 

KineMaster is available for Android, and iOS phones (iPad and iPhone) and Chromebooks. Currently, it doesn’t support other platforms like Windows. However, some hacks can make it compatible for Mac and Windows with the help of Android emulators. 


KineMaster is a pocket video editor and everyone wants an app to edit videos anywhere, anytime. It fulfills user requirements perfectly. 

Meanwhile, VN video is for beginners, professionals, content creators, and everyone who wants an application to support multiple platforms. 

API Support

API is very important for professional video editing as it allows users to access files from various sources like the cloud, local storage, and social platforms. Fortunately, both apps have API support.


Based on the users ‘ reviews, KineMaster’s overall rating is 4.5 out of 5. It got fewer points in the design and support part and 5-star in ease and features. 

On the other hand, the VN video editor has a 4-star rating out of 5. Its downsides are ease of use and customer support. 


VN video editor has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use for everyone. It is clean and most suitable for beginners. 

Likewise, KineMaster is more professional in its quick-access bar, app interface, and navigation for advanced functions. Simply, it’s a bit complex for beginners. 

Overall Features

VN video editor focuses on the basic video editor (suitable for beginners) such as filters, splitting, trimming, text overlays, and transitions. 

In contrast, KineMaster is an advanced video editor and offers trendy features such as Chrome Key, KeyFrame animations, Blending Modes, Voiceover, Audio control etc. 

Export Option

VN video editor offers several video exporting options. The drawback is that the options are limited, with a few resolution options. 

However, KineMaster provides all types of video export options up to 4K resolution. You can also choose the frame rate according to your requirements. That’s why it’s a professional app. 


VN video editor is free to use for everyone and its videos don’t have a watermark. While KineMaster free version has some limitations and also leaves a watermark on videos on export. 

Support and Tutorials

Several people complained about VN video editor customer support and they don’t have a complete library of the tutorials.
Meanwhile, KineMaster has a complete library of tutorials to guide the users about this app and all its features. 

Other Features

VN Video editor has a variety of transition effects for beginners with less customization. It has basic audio-related features like trimming, background music, and volume control. It has limited templates and presets and is mainly related to creating a video quickly. Similarly, it has basic video-sharing options that are social media platforms. Text and title customization options are also limited. 

On the contrary, KineMaster has a wide variety of transition effects to create videos as you want. The advanced audio features include multi-track audio, precise audio envelope control, voice modulation, and several sound effects. Likewise, it has a more extensive library of presets and templates for professional videos. If I talk about sharing, it supports multiple platforms such as cloud storage support, local storage, social media, etc. The text and title customization are also professional. 


In conclusion, KineMaster is feature-rich and is most liked by professionals. While VN video editor is for beginners for quick and easy editing. KineMaster’s latest version has added a new third-party plugin functionality, while the VN editor lacks this. KineMaster has more features, and functions, but is a bit complex. I personally like both apps, but I use one of them for my video editing task. 


VN video editor is for beginners and supports all the basic video editing functions. KineMater is better and more useful for professional editing. In short, users can choose according to their editing tasks. 

It offers video export options with limited resolution. Similarly, it has fewer presets and functions.

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